Why is biomass important in the country?


Gissel Taveras
Santo Domingo

One of the great challenges for the Dominican economy is electricity. This essential service is part of everyday life and it would be very difficult without it. Electricity is considered as the engine that drives society, despite the problems that revolve around it like the high prices on bills and do not pay this service.

The country is recognizing the many benefits that come with the implementation of biomass as a tool to create energy, for this reason many both private and public sectors are making use of this in different areas.

Such is the case of the Punta Cana Group, which announced the adoption of a power generation system based on the use of biodegradable products allowing them to operate an industrial laundry with savings of approximately 70% of their energy costs. This company installed in 2012, the boiler of vegetable biomass, based on Law 57-07, this instrument recycles what was once considered waste for energy.

Jake Kheel, environmental director of the group Punta Cana, highlights the advantages of working with these tools, not only to create electricity, but also because it helps preserve the environment. He says that in the relentless pursuit of saving and economic performance it is better to experiment with biomass, because it has minimal social and environmental impact.

® Our main goal is to resort to a new form of renewable energy, an alternative solution for producing steam, which allows us to expand the supply of laundry to other hotels. Many technologies it was decided to implement this, because it is much more practical, with 40% energy savings and increased production significantly ®, Express Kheel.

The new system installed as a pilot project in Punta Cana Laundry Services (PLS), functions as a biomass boiler using various biodegradable products, which includes programs for golf courses, waste landscaping and pruning any plant material derived type cleaning solar and construction areas. In addition to replacing the fuel known as number six fuel oil, petroleum based, the new technology ensures the protection of the environment. This is the first laundry in the country to use renewable energy.

How energy production is achieved through biomass?
The process of implementing this form of obtaining energy that makes the Punta Cana Group, is the collection of waste produced by pruning and forest clearing, which are taken to the biomass boiler, through a drying step and ground feeding a hydraulic tank serves silo and the boiler fuel. All this taking advantage of the calorific value of the biomass pretreated water converts into thermal energy. The system concludes that feeds steam laundry operations in water heating, drying and ironing clothes of different types of tourism, not only from Punta Cana but also Bayahibe, Boca Chica and Uvero Alto.

Biomass is the use of organic matter as an energy source. The assessment of this form of energy fuel can be made through four basic processes by which it can be transformed into heat and electricity: combustion, anaerobic digestion, gasification and pyrolysis.

In the energy context, the biomass can be viewed as the organic material originating from a biological or miscarriage, for use as a process energy source. These biomass resources can be grouped generally in agriculture and forestry.

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